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When can I apply for Orthodontic Therapy?  

Once you have an agreement with a Specialist Orthodontist who is prepared to train you, and supervise you.

Do I need any qualifications (other than my dental nurse / hygienist / therapist one) in order to apply for Orthodontic Therapy?  

It is preferable that you have an orthodontic nurse qualification. Qualifications such as radiography oral health education and impression taking are also useful.

I don’t work in an Orthodontic Practice, can I train?  

You need to have a Specialist Orthodontist to train you and supervise you, and you need to be working a minimum of 21-hours per week (clinically) in an Orthodontic practice.

Can you find me a trainer, or be my trainer?  

No. We can advise regular trainers of your interest, but most trainers choose to train an individual with whom they have developed a working relationship with, which, in our experience is preferable.

How do I apply?  

Contact the course coordinator at Warwick Medical School. For more information click here

“I am over the moon that I have passed and all my dreams have come true. I proved to everyone , including myself that I could do it.”
“This is my first course since qualifying as a dental nurse – wish I had done this sooner! I have learnt much more than I thought possible. Tutors are excellent and course very well led. Thank you!”
“Very enjoyable, brilliant teaching skills and I’ve learned a lot about fluoride that i wasn’t aware of! I actually can’t wait to be back next week!”

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